Work From Home And Make Money With Anything

Work From Home And Make Money With Anything

To work from home and make money with anything is a marked move towards FREEDOMS!

  • Freedom to do more of what you want with YOUR time
  • Freedom from financial stress
  • Freedom to dust off your dreams and work on it versus wishing for it
  • Freedom to earn money while you sleep
  • Freedom to buy what you want
  • Freedom to give
  • Freedom to enjoy life more
  • Freedoms….to infinity:-)!

Are you ready for any of those FREEDOMS?

If you answered yes to the above question, you are ready to Work From Home And Make Money With Anything and you are in the right place. In raising our hand to FREEDOMS, we are in essence signaling that we are ready for a change! A change that signals that we are ready to arrive at the next level of good…that which is BETTER!

The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price’ (Vince Lombardi).

Success Assessment (Readiness & Willingness)

  1. Is there anything you like doing and/or are passionate about?
  2. If you were shown how to make what you like doing or are passionate about into a business that is fairly easy to start, would you be interested?
  3. Are you willing to commit at least 1 hour per day to build this business?

If you answered ‘YES’ to all 3 questions, you are ready to go to Level 1.

Level 1

Level 1 provides an overview of how you can take anything you like or are passionate about and turn it into a successful online business.

Why Online?

An online storefront/website is prime realty. Where do most people go to find what they need? ONLINE, that’s right. Do you know how many people there are in the world right now? Over 7 billion. Do you know how many people use the internet? Just over 4 billion people.

More than 50% of the world’s population are internet users. You guessed it by now, given the number of internet users, an online storefront/website is ideally located. Getting one is easy, I’ll show you how lower down in this post, don’t worry it’s FREE and comes with 10 lessons to help you get started. With an online business, you can work from home and make money with anything you truly like.

How Will What I Like Make Money?

Through a concept called Niche Marketing. Generally, what we like is also liked and enjoyed by others. Niche marketing is about discovering your online tribe – a group of people that share the same interests and passions and are looking for information on what they like. To support your tribe, you would share your knowledge combined with links and products and services which you know will provide answers to the questions from your tribe.

How Will You Find All The Questions Asked/Queried By Your Tribe?

By gaining access to a state-of-the-art Keyword Tool which provides ALL the search queries performed by your tribe (people that like or are interested in what you like and are passionate about). What’s a keyword? A word or string of words used by an internet user to find information. They are looking for solutions and since you and I cannot physically check every query that an internet user makes, we employ technology to help us do that. When we know what members of our tribe are looking for, we can provide quality answers to them. The Jaaxy keyword tool will show you:

  1. A monthly average of how many searches are performed on the keyword
  2. How many competitors/other tribes exist
  3. The search optimization score for that keyword – the readiness opportunity for you to score high on that keyword
  4. How your site ranks on Google, Yahoo and Bing for each keyword used.

Before I forget, here’s a wonderful glimpse of the 10 free lessons (below) you will gain access to along with your FREE WEBSITE:

Work From Home and Make Money With Anything - Niche Marketing


Is There A Catch?

NO! Believe me when I tell you I would know the difference. The website is free and so are the 10 lessons indicated above.

You have to:

  1. Decide which niche/passion/interest you want to start working on.
  2. Utilize the time commitment of at least 1 hour per day to review and learn from short online training videos, talking with others in the community, asking specific questions to get help anytime of day or night – like any other business venture, the more you know, the easier it will become over time.
  3. Build your business – With help. There is a rich and diverse community ready to support your success with search engine optimization, healthy mindset and much more.
  4. Nurture yourself.


Deciding On Your NicheWork From Home and Make Money With Anything: Deciding On Your Niche

Earlier on we compared a niche to a tribe or group of people that share the same like and or passions. Having many passions and interests is good, but you’ll find it best to start with one first.

Quick Guide – What Is A Niche?

A niche is a group of people looking for stuff on something. It is more specific and less generic.

Visitors to the internet regularly search for information to help them make better decisions, improve the quality of a gazillion things from pets to gardens, to homes, to skin to hair, to basketball, to lab test to make-up to learning a new skill…the list is in the billions. With over 4 billion internet users with varying and wide interests, there are millions of opportunities.

A Niche Example

I’ve inserted a visual example of what is a niche below, since it seems to be far more helpful this way. Here’s the narrative and you can follow along with the visual if needed.

In the example we will look at the broad Market of Pet Supplies. The natural Categories within the pet supply market are Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Small Animals etc. We will deep dive into the Dog Category. The Sub-Categories within the Dog Category are Treats, Beds & Furniture, Grooming, Collars & Leashes, Health Supplies, Apparel & Accessories etc. We chose the Sub-category of Apparel & Accessories to look for our Niche. A Niche within the Dog Sub-Category could be Backpacks, Bandannas, Hoodies, Raincoats, Hats, Life Jackets, Sweaters, Boots etc. We decided to look at the Niche of Dog Boots as our Idea to pursue as an online business.

Work From Home and Make Money With Anything: What is a Niche Image

I hope this makes sense when moving from the general to the specific to decide on a niche.

Build Your Knowledge

People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else’ (Elon Musk).

Work From Home And Make Money with Anything: Build Your Knowledge Image

Having passions and things that you like is a wonderful repository. It will inevitably  help you share and promote products and services of other companies that will positively support the needs of those in your tribe:-)

You get to pursue what you’re passionate about and make money from the comfort of your own home. Easy right?! The money part is easy, the foundation for building an online business requires some knowledge.

You will discover as all other online success moguls – Your OWN success requires a time investment (varies from individual to individual) to build your knowledge on key topics like:

  1. Understanding how to make money online
  2. Building your own niche website
  3. Getting your website ready for search engines
  4. Creating you initial website content and more.

As adults, we learn more effectively from ‘DOING’. It’s best to practice what you learn as you learn. In that case, you need to have a website. Not sure you’re ready to invest in a domain name, hosting, and winging it on your own?
You don’t have to!  If you’re ready to start building your online business with a free website and 10 free lessons, create your free account!

Build Your Business

Work From Home And Make Money With Anything: Build Your Business Image

Building your business is ideally building a brand to be easily recognized by your tribe. Over time, this is how your tribe will find and follow you.

Your recognition will be seen in your passion for what you do in terms of quality information and recommendation. Sure there might be others doing the same thing, but you will learn how to amplify your uniqueness with awesome live classes and online videos.

How do you grow your business? Here are a number of ways for your initial consideration:

  1. Implement what you learn (critically for website performance, content, monetization and marketing campaigns).
  2. Increase and where necessary improve your social online presence (sound your horn to your tribe members).
  3. Provide fresh content on your site to positively impact your tribe.
  4. Review your analytics to see where and how you can improve your service you provide to your tribe.

Nurture Yourself

Work From Home And Make Money With Anything: Nurture Yourself Image

Ever noticed when you are focused on doing the things you like and are passionate about, how you hardly notice the passage of time?

That’s so amazing, right?!.

Staying Strong & Healthy

To stay strong and healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit we have to practice self care and nurture our Body, Mind and Spirit continually. Why? Nurturing ourselves establishes us in the best position to continue doing what we love.

When working from home, we may tend to sit for long periods (unless we have access to a great standing desk). The key to our health is practicing a few daily basics to ensure the quality of:

1. What we Eat ( make it simple)

2. Sleep (quality over quantity)

3. Exercise (keep moving)

4. ReflectionTime (Unplug plus)

What we Eat

This is about self care. Here’s my simple philosophy about self-care and enjoying what I eat. I have two food groups:

  1. Fuel that I enjoy – (high energy, good stamina, aids sleep quality – fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains)
  2. Fumes that I enjoy – (poor quality fuel that fills my tank with air and chocolate; Cheetos; large popcorn with butter, cheese and m and m peanuts, etc.)

Who can go on fumes for long? While I don’t count everything I eat, I do tend to stay in the 80/20 range for fuel. I tried flipping that at one time – I felt sick, tired, irritated most of the time, slow return to the light of what works for me. Do you know what works for you?

SleepWork From Home And Make Money With Anything

I cherish good sleep – the kind where nothing else exists, totally resting in bliss. I have experienced nights with as little as 2 hours sleep. Once it is in the bliss zone, it’s awesome.

I am not recommending 2 hours sleep per night. You have to find what will get you in the bliss zone.

The top 3 things that are at the core of quality sleep are:

  1. Location – What we sleep on – firm mattresses are good, however when complimented with a mattress topper sleep becomes way more blissful.
  2. What/When we eat – Already covered what we eat earlier. You need to know only this about when to eat – our bodies will always prioritize digestion over maintenance and repairs. Want your body repaired and maintained during sleep, try to organize you last meal about 3 -4 hours before going to bed!
  3. Our ability to unplug – I’ll cover this in Reflection Time. It’s safe to say that practicing being quiet is monumentally useful for our body, mind and spirit and especially when it’s time to snooze.



Work From Home And Make Money With Anything: Exercise Image

The BODY – This wonderful piece of machinery is made to move. Covid-19 may have changed our out-of-home options but please feel free to sanction a little space to move your body around:-)

I do what my body needs at the time. Last night I wasn’t in the mood but sensing a bit of sluggishness, I put on some music and started dancing. In less than 20 minutes, I switched to work out clothes and did 6 exercises for a total of 300 movements. This morning, I felt like doing something lighter, so I did about 26 yoga poses for about 15 – 30 seconds each.

Work From Home And Make Money With Anything: Exercise Image

Have you ever noticed the interplay between sleep, exercise and what we eat? For me, once I get momentum going in one area, the door to the other is easier to open and I begin to reap the rewards from all three.

Reflection Time

Please allow me to state my bias –  I LOVE REFLECTION TIME. It brings me immense benefits of joy, peace and an ease that is priceless.

Reflection Time is critical in the world in which we live, it affords us the kind of bliss we only otherwise experience when we are experiencing deep sleep. Its value is in helping us to unplug from the noise and drama and to connect with creativity and quiet.  I’m guessing you can already see the enormous benefit of reflection time.

On a daily basis, include reflection time to experience more energy, more likelihood to be less perturbed about little things and an increase in positive mindedness etc.

A typical day for me would include reflection time:

  1. On rising – take the time to give thanks (like 5 minutes or more depending on the day)
  2. After exercise – sit quietly for about 5 – 60 minutes (depends on what’s happening that day) it’s my meditation time. I can choose to meditate on a word or a phrase like ‘thank you’ or in more recent times the absolute beauty of silence (by far the most powerful).
  3. Any activity with water (washing dishes/shower/scrubbing a sneaker this morning, at the beach I walk with a notepad:-)) – I can’t say what it is exactly,  but it is easy to become silent with such ease at those times – wonderful nuggets of answers flow, some to questions I had. Others before a problem arises – the latter really sets me reflecting even more:-)
  4. At night before I go to sleep – give thanks and reflect on how I occurred during the day, it usually helps me to see actions that require reconnecting with someone or something that could be done better, except of course where someone may have indicated they would prefer not to connect with you. I still lovingly hold them up for blessings. It’s a small world me thinks – covid-19 is showing us that in a hasty manner.

The best way is to create 2 – 3 opportunities so that when you miss 1 – 2 you still have 1, which will support enhanced sleeping, eating and unplugging – key to Nurturing YOU.

Ready to Work From Home And Make Money With Anything? Create Your FREE Account Here!


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10 Replies to “Work From Home And Make Money With Anything”

  1. I have been gradually testing and implementing the techniques and steps you write in your post and finally I am starting to see results, being consistent and patient has been working for me. But there is never too much information and there is always something to learn, thanks for your useful advice.

    1. Hey Hector,

      I agree that consistency and patience pays off when we step into a niche we enjoy. Glad you are starting to see the results. Continued success and thanks for the feedback.

  2. Very well written and lovely website.  I enjoyed reading your post.  Your explaination of what Niche is was awesome.  The category then the sub-category made is very easy to understand.  Anyone looking to start an online business needs to read this post.

    I love working on my own website and you are so right, the time flies by.  Sometimes I can’t believe that hours have passed.  It is the first time in my life that I have found something that I love to do. 

    Great job and thanks.

    1. Hi Coralie,

      Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.  I’m glad you are enjoying working on your online business and I can relate to looking up and realising how much time has passed.  Thanks again and stay safe.

  3. During this corona pandemic is an eye opening for me that maybe this is the time that I have to seriously think over the option of working from home. I haven’t been able to go back to work for 2 weeks now because I live in NYC and work in the entertainment industry. 

    Thank you for sharing the useful platform, WA, to get the right training for working from home and also thanks for sharing the health tips as well, the right health will lead us to the right mind and the right mind will lead us to our ultimate goal. 

    Will create a free account 🙂 

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      Thanks for your feedback. I can relate to the stimulation the pandemic is bringing to for our online realty in the form of a business.   WA is a great platform and you’ll get first hand experience with your free account:-). Stay safe and healthy.

  4. Now, It is obvious that this is a good post. I should first commend the level of effort in making this superb website with so much nice features and also writing an article on how to work from home and make money with as little as possible.  affiliate marketing seems to have taken over as the best source of income online.

    1. Hey Benny,

      Thanks for the kind feedback, appreciated. Yes, affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the best source of income for anyone who wants to start with where they are at.  Stay safe and thanks again.

  5. I would love to create a website like yours as the template used is really nice, simple and brings about clarity of the write ups, but then you wrote a brilliant article on how to work from the comfort of our home. i quit my job a few months back and i have always needed help with what to do from home. thank you for this post.

    1. Hi Smoochi,

      Thank you, glad you liked the article. Congrats on starting a new chapter in your life. Starting with what you like and are passionate about is always a great place to start – boredom or challenge won’t easily distract us. If there is any help I can offer, please do not hesitate to ask.

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