Words of Inspiration – My Top 10!

Words of Inspiration - My Top 10



When we are inspired we receive an INSTANT boost to our energy levels – EVERY TIME.   These Top 10 Words of Inspiration are time tested and true for me. All I need to do is to:

    1. Close my eyes (unplug)
    2. Say the word (out loud or internally)
    3. Instant boost received

You Can Change the Way You Feel – NOW

These top 10 words of inspiration work wonderfully well for me.  Over the last four years, these words helped me through what I thought was the most excruciating experience in my life. These words helped me to see that my collective experience was a BLESSING in disguise.


I moved from feeling like a failure on the brink of a weird kind of death to feeling abundantly loved on a rock of grace that keeps me grounded, happy and satisfied in situations that unfold before and around me.


I’ve noted that many successful people celebrate some of the words indicated here in their daily affirmations and meditation practice. Test out what works for you and what doesn’t. This is YOUR opportunity to test what works for you so that you can continue to positively impact your energy levels and the way you feel! BEING INSPIRED EVERYDAY IS A LIFE CHANGER.


1.  THANK YOU  expands our appreciation for all the good in our lives. In my experience, the more grateful we are, the more opportunities we receive to say ‘thank you’ even more.   If you’re feeling low, say THANK YOU.

Words of Inspiration - My Top 10: Thank You
If you’re feeling Low, say THANK YOU



2.  HAPPY –  feels like light playfulness within and it is contagious! My recognition of being happy is that it is an inside job. With that said, the great news is, everyone can do it because it does not depend on external situations. How happily awesome is that?! If you’re feeling alone, say HAPPY.


Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you feel alone, say HAPPY


3.  LOVE – The more I learn about a deeper and fuller love, the easier it has become for me to let go of the ‘control’ to the outcome for ‘needs, expectation and desires’. There is freedom, beauty, joy, peace, ‘enoughness’, steadiness and so much more with this type of love. For me, it’s been great to lose much of the critical chatter that is showcased like a perpetual ticker in our mind. It’s been  truly wonderful to be gentle with myself and others, understand the need to always withhold judgement and a new steadiness in my faith. Love shows the way. If you want to discover who you are, say LOVE.


If you want to discover who you are, say LOVE


4.  BEAUTIFUL- makes me take a deeper inhale on an encounter with anything and anyone where beautiful shines through. The next thing that emerges is a smile. What I’ve learned about ‘beautiful’ is that although it is played on the external screen of our faces, body or what we do e.g., art, sport, music etc., it’s emanates from within.  The more I see beauty and express gratitude for it, the more beauty I see in myself  and in others – that was unexpected but highly appreciated:-)! If you want to feel the deeper joy in life, say BEAUTIFUL.

Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you want to feel the deeper joy in life, say BEAUTIFUL.


 5. YES – Similarly to  ‘thank you’ this word is supercharged with something that my energy is learning to appreciate more and more each day.  Saying yes, opens up options when I feel stuck or hesitant with waking more freely into an unknown.  In fact, I practiced saying only Yes for 1 week and was amazed at the number of new things I experienced.  Yes, I thought it was a bit scary at first, but then I decided that the experiment wouldn’t be any use if I didn’t do as I said I would. Yes is still very instrumental in helping me practice awareness of NOW (which is how I began the journey with YES).  If you want to live life fully, say YES.


Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you want to live life fully, say YES.



6.  NATURE – An instant feeling of oneness, nothingness and peace surfaces and deepens within me, all at once when I say this word or when  exposed to any element of nature.  I’ve heard many others express similar sentiments when experiencing the latter. Nature has a different meaning for each of us, some are into flora and fauna, some are into water. I love, love, love being outdoors.   I feel the same way when it’s raining, snowing, thunderstorms and the like. Yes, there is a lot of love there, I know:-). If you want to connect with  calmness, say NATURE.

Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you want to connect with calmness, say NATURE



7.  FREEDOM – When I close my eyes and say Freedom, space opens up for me. Space to be, space to choose, space to be lifted and light. It removes the blinders that I picked up and put on. from wherever. Everything looks new and I sometimes am amazed at what I see, not because it’s new, but because I realize it was always there.  Another inside job. Nothing external provides freedom, it has to be discovered within so that no matter the circumstance, we feel the effects of Freedom.  If you want options, say FREEDOM.

Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you want options, say FREEDOM.



8.  ABUNDANCE – Feeling abundant is less about the things we possess and more about how we engage life. For simplicity, it is a mindset.  It is internal  filter through which we see the world around us. Material wealth is not a pre-requisite to experience abundance, you must first look within. 

This is the one word I found to be ‘tough’ to surface if you looked at your circumstances even briefly.  The tail spin downwards really rocks you hard and you are left feeling terrible about all kinds of things. Compared with looking within after saying the word; a newness of peace, joy, ease and wonder would spring from within. If you shifted your focus to any circumstance, that spring would turn into a drip in a flash.  If you want to experience more abundance in your life, say ABUNDANCE.


Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you want options, say ABUNDANCE.



9.  GOOD – the practice of saying ‘good’ really helped me to stop judging anything as bad, who knew:-). I needed that bridge to radically help me let go of judging completely. It was while I was practicing ‘good’ the word ‘love’ began emerging.

I can see the connection now, but back then it was hard for me to say it because I was discovering how to let go fully and there were a couple things I didn’t want to let go of (at least that’s what I realized). Long story short, I began to delve more into understanding ‘why’. Understanding brought enough light for me to let go.   If you want to see good in everything and everyone, say GOOD.  


Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you want to see good in everything and everyone, say GOOD.


10. YOU – Are much more than you imagine.   I was living from a belief that I was mostly human and a little spirit. Spirituality etc., was a pinch and everything else was in large doses:-)  If nothing else the experiences I had over the last 4 years led me to ME.

I realized that I am mostly divine with a little human. I know that I am not special in that regard, we all are.  I woke up to the latter recognition  and my life has not been the same.

‘YOU” reminds me of who I am. We/you are wonderfully made and the signature and special mark of the Architect of the Universe is in YOU. We seek our purpose because we intuitively know we are part of a bigger plan.  If you want to find that which will not change say YOU.

Words of Inspiration - My Top 10
If you want to discover that which will not change, say YOU.


Key Considerations

I found that this inspiration practice helped me to move in ‘levels’ (using this term only as part of an example). Let’s say if I was at level 0 in giving thanks I couldn’t get to level 100 after a single practice. 

Every ‘level’ as it were comes with a way of be-ing that has to be fully discovered and lived before you get to another ‘level’.  A tell tale sign for me in knowing what level I was at was in questioning what ‘level’ I was at  or in wondering why I wasn’t super now. The haste to move or to ‘arrive’ is usually a good sign that requires us to spend more time at the current ‘level’:-).

 The truth is we are all super, but until our discovery of that is full, we only see in bits. We live as we see.  No need to measure (that’s another distraction:-)). You experience progression when you start to move away from trying to become, to just be-ing. I wanted to go off somewhere, close to mentors who were further along on the journey to help increase my discovery process,  but Life didn’t unfold that way for me.  Instead, I decided to spend time listening, reading, assessing, questioning and being still.   Even today, 95% of my answers, wisdom, direction etc., emerges when I am being still!  


My Recommendations

  1. If you haven’t started injecting inspiration in your day, BEGIN NOW.
  2. Do what you can where you are, no need to be frustrated, life will change for you when you stop looking for it to change…trust YOU. It is about LIVING, not looking:-).
  3. I can guarantee that once you begin a practice of being inspired everyday, you will see a difference in YOU. You will move from looking for a difference to being a difference.
  4. Peace emerges when there are storms, expect storms.
  5. Stillness is discovered when there is restlessness, expect the mind to chatter at an amazing rate for a minute.
  6. Steadiness comes when you recognize that everything around you WILL change…EVERYTHING! Expect changes.
  7. Be gentle with yourself.
  8. Don’t take yourself too seriously, it causes you to take offence easily.
  9. Don’t expect others to understand your journey if they are not involved in a similar process. Be okay with being misunderstood – humbling.
  10. YOU are not alone in this – the Master Weaver and Architect of the Universe is on your side.



Need a coach on your journey? Private message me at nicole@success-for-real.com.   Enjoy YOUr journey and leave me a comment on your current top inspiration practice or word(s). 


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