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What is Wealthy Affiliate About Or For

Do you find yourself using the internet to search for answers to almost everything? You’re not alone, there are over 4 billion internet users doing the very same thing!   You want the right answers to make your life easier, right?

Imagine a world where YOU could provide many of those answers!  It’s possible with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a lucrative online advertising tool used by thousands of big companies and people just like YOU. The big companies get free advertising and when they make a sale, you make money each time your website is a part of that sales process. It’s a win-win!

YOU can learn how to become an outstanding Affiliate Marketer at your own pace. If you want to learn from the best in the industry, Wealthy Affiliate will help you to understand how you can make the right choices for YOU. They will also help you to grow and scale your success with as many other business ideas that YOU want.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About or For? They exist to help people just like YOU. They use their over +1000 years of experience to help you make money and make your life easier. Is that something you could do today?  Yes!


Wealthy Affiliate gives you a Free website to work with because they’ve seen the power of hands-on practice in this business and want to ensure that your success starts today.

But that’s not all, you get so much more!

Wealthy Affiliate is:

  • Established (over 14+ years, +2,000,000 MEMBERS)
  • Genuine (they give value FIRST)
  • Helpful (exist to support YOU)
  • Superior Industry Knowledge (+1,000 years’ experience in internet based businesses)

No matter who YOU are and where YOU come from, YOU can do this . Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is comprehensively easy to build your success. You will learn for example, how to:

  • Build a website – in less than 10 minutes
  • Choose niche(s) that serve YOUR passion and makes money
  • Easily build content that provide the answers to millions of internet users
  • Use click-friendly  technology
  • Develop a formula to work hard and smart simultaneously

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Stick a pin here for a moment, I want to share a little bit of the back story of how Wealthy Affiliate got started. I think it will help you understand why their membership continues to grow.

Wealthy Affiliate was created 15 years ago by its founders Kyle and Carson to support Affiliate Marketers of all levels to become and or expand their online success. Kyle has been reported to say that their starting and continuing ethos for Wealthy Affiliate is to HELP PEOPLE.

Kyle and Carson both experienced and overcame many challenges in starting and managing a bevy of online businesses. 15 years ago Facebook was 1 year old, Google was just 7 years old and Instagram was born 5 years thereafter:-) I think you can better imagine the context they operated in to build their own successes back then.

While the technology has advanced, the business concept is the still the same because it is focused on MARKETING. Companies that produce goods and or services know that in order for them to consistently do well they must be top of mind to customers everywhere. What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Or For: Internet Image

The INTERNET is the one platform that has and continues to give access to companies to Market and Serve its customers and new prospects 24/7! . Big companies appreciate the opportunity to reach customers and prospects wherever they are, for the entire 1440 minutes per day, 7 days a week.

Did you know that the internet has a little over 4 billion users? It’s true and big companies are aware of those favorable statistics. It’s part of their steady eagerness to expand their audience reach for their products and or services through affiliate programmes.

Imagine the internet as a very large field for a moment, now imagine thousands of advertisements around the field. Do you think there is a better chance of the advertisement being seen by more people the greater the instances of ads being placed  around the field?

YES indeed for sure it is!. Affiliate Marketing was developed as an online marketing strategy by big companies to expand their advertising reach. It doesn’t cost them anything to advertise on your website and they only share their profit with you when a sale is generated. The more ads they have around the world wide web, the better their opportunity to keep top of mind and ultimately, increase sales. Can you see why Affiliate Marketing is a win-win?

How Wealthy Affiliate HELPS PEOPLE

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Or For: Take the Leap ImageWealthy Affiliate claims that they can help ANYONE that wants to:

  1. do what they love and make money
  2. build an income or create a secondary income
  3. become a business owner
  4. scale your online business

Another held belief by Wealthy Affiliate is that anyone can achieve what they are willing to work for. They know that the only guarantee any individual needs is in within them. In other words YOU will make the difference.

Wealthy Affiliate’s desire to help people is based on the premise that if they help people by making their lives easier, people will be happier and that’s their part in making a better and happier world. People living with the freedoms they desire, making a difference and being paid for it.

I’ve inserted a touch point image that Wealthy Affiliate uses to help people understand the business of Affiliate Marketing, which I hope you find useful:

What is Wealthy Affiliate About Or For: How Affiliate Marketing Works Image

Wealthy Affiliate’s Success System

Wealthy Affiliate’s model to help Affiliate Marketers of all levels pivots on a couple key pillars:

  1. Training
  2. Coaching and Mentoring
  3. Community Support
  4. Worry Free Technical Support

Their model offers 2 pathways:

  1. Free Starter – You want to get started Fast.
  2. Premium – You are ready for Success.

Here’s a quick side by side comparison for YOU:

comparison-chart.jpg (1213×3998)



The training caters to ALL interest levels, from seasoned Affiliate Marketers to total newbies. As mentioned earlier, Kyle and Carson offer the Free Starter to help people understand the business and to get a good sense of the lessons, interaction with the coach and the huge community of members. The Free Starter pathway allows you to get a free website and a good head start to decide if you want to go all in. If you decide to pass on premium membership. You will have a free website for a lifetime.

At the Premium level, you have over 120 lessons to peruse, learn and apply to either your free website or if you have another website and would like to move it over to be hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. You can also secure a new domain and apply what you learn there. Premium has options for you.  It’s critical to have a website, enriches the learning.

Each of the 100+ lessons are intentionally short, to allow for ease of understanding of each concept, tool and/or technique and the opportunity for you to apply and solidify what you learn. This in turn will help you to at a minimum meet Google’s standard for a quality site.

Another bonus for premium  members are the live classes. One is offered each week for the entire year and members also have access to all past classes via video recordings. It is said that the more you train and apply what you learn, the better you become at understanding how to scale your business in as little as 6 months (depends on individual).

Below is a training screenshot of the text that introduces how to Leverage Product Reviews. The text is followed by a video and practice tasks including using Wealthy Affiliate’s Content Builder to build your own review of a product.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About Or For: Training Screenshot on Product Reviews
Leveraging Product Reviews – Online Entrepreneurial Certificate













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Wealthy Affiliate offers an affiliate program for those members who have an interest in promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Those members will usually have one or more links that will allow you to join Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter or a Premium Member. YOU Decide.

The person whose link you would have followed to join either of the pathways will automatically become your personal coach at Wealthy Affiliate. They use their experience of the system to help you get started, walk, run, soar.

At Wealthy Affiliate you learn even more if you ask questions. Your coach will reach out to you when you join for the first couple of weeks.  Thereafter, in a deliberate attempt not to overwhelm, coaches respond with immediacy when you ask a question.   It isn’t uncommon for other members to also coach you as well.

The system allows for private messaging which lends itself to  private mentoring .  It is also not uncommon for one member to have a couple coaches and mentors to support their growth on this journey. They say all you need to do is just ask.




What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Or For: Community Image

Wealthy Affiliate crossed 2,000,000 members in early January 2020. Both Kyle and Carson treat their support of their members as a ‘calling’ almost. They are humble and  have been known to share that they never imagined getting to this stage of growth and are mindful that they are in service to HELP PEOPLE .  The desire to HELP others achieve success is what fuels their continuing to ensure the training, support and technology are best in class. For them, that is living the Wealthy Affiliate’s ethos to HELP PEOPLE.

Technology is used to keep this community humming with ideas and support of each other. Members say helping other members is somewhat infectious at Wealthy Affiliate. It is also reported that many a joint venture has resulted because of the level of networking that exists in the community. People feel free to share new and existing projects and whenever they need a hand they ask for help and help is given readily by many.

To support new members, answers to questions already answered are made available by a simple request in the search query bar, similar to that of Google. Experts in the community post helpful blogs on how to achieve even more success. Recently, Kyle announced the plan to increase value to its members for a small increase in the annual fee, which has remained unchanged over the last 15 years.


What is Wealthy Affiliate About or For: Quality Tech Platform and Support

“Over the past 10 years, we have been building one of the most sophisticated hosting platforms in the WordPress industry from a technical stand point, investing millions into the development of our proprietary hosting framework.” (Kyle) When it comes to technology for their hosting platform, Wealthy Affiliate’s mission is to maintain its leadership in the following four areas:

  1. Security
  2. Speed
  3. Reliability
  4. Support

It is reported that many members on other hosting platforms have moved their websites to Wealthy Affiliate’s platform for one or more of the aforementioned reasons.

It should be noted that search engines value sites that are secure – i.e., not easily spammed and those that load with speed. Members have said that the hosting platform has top-notch reliability and the team that manages the technical support is stellar. Their response time is under 5 minutes and the resolution usually just as timely, unless it is a matter that requires a bit more time. Members have reported high satisfaction levels with the performance of the hosting platform and the responsiveness of the technical team.

Premium members have the use of technology to, for example:

  • Build Content
  • Manage the Health of the Site (Performance, Security – Seamless)
  • Outstanding Research Tool – Jaaxy
  • Hosting and management of up to 50 websites
  • Unmatched responsive to an technical issues/queries

For everyday working other technology applications are used to keep premium members abreast of what’s trending in terms of topic discussion, internal blogs, opportunity for open chats, private emails between members, questions asked and answered.

It is reported that the all of this happens as if with the whisk of a wand as 98% occurs seamlessly.

Off Target – But Curious

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Or For: Curiousity Image

Knowing very little of the world of Affiliate Marketing paired with a strong desire to build secondary income, stimulated my curiosity. I immediately wanted to ‘test’ if this was real or more BS.

Long story short, I accidentally bumped into a website that is curated by one of their top support coaches – Eric. The simplicity of his story created a connection for me and since they offered a FREE starter pack, I took the opportunity to give it a try.

I joined in on the free starter lane expecting some kind of water down introduction to the business. It most certainly was not.  Firstly I was greeted by the Founders, my coach Eric and a number of other people. I asked a couple questions and was immediately answered by Kyle, my coach and another expert almost simultaneously.

While participating in one of the free lessons on Understanding The Business of Making Money Online, I started to ‘see’ far more options than I had imagined and more importantly I began to understand this ‘ affiliate marketing thing’. today (May 04, 2020), I waltzed into the live chat to say hello to folks and Kyle was online. I made a comment about the status of a project and Kyle immediately provided advice for helping me move forward.

What was initial off-putting for me was in the inclusion of the word  marketer/marketing. I didn’t know how I felt about marketing and there was definitely some strong hesitation.

The first level of researching Wealthy Affiliate cleared it of being a scam.  For more on how I practice great tried and tested anti-scamming for online ventures, check this article here.

As my  understanding expanded, my appetite to learn more significantly increased in less than 5 days.  I began to connect the dots for the process through which an online business could grow as one’s own abilities did. That was an amazing aha. I continued accessing the learning.

In less than a month, I found Wealthy Affiliate to be a storehouse of relevance for manoeuvring a successful business online. This is what I was searching for. A scam-free opportunity that engaged my passions, self-paced with a blue print for building a strong foundation for a successful online business.

Silently, my confidence grew and I only noticed it when I was doing more of what I had never done before and enjoying it. I was planting success, watering it and seeing the fruit of my success first in little strides that are encouraging me that this is where I need to be NOW

If you’re thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliates, I’ve listed the  pros and cons that you should  consider for your decision making process.


After my research, I joined Wealthy Affiliate because I found that they are truly about HELPING PEOPLE.

At this time in our history, if you are looking for HELP that will reward your efforts with money plus freedoms, start here.

Wealthy Affiliate






WordPress Hosting


Research Tools


Success Stories



  • Value before you invest (Free Starter)
  • World Class Industry Training
  • Diverse and Knowledgeable Support Community
  • Business Model Favors Self-Pacing
  • Best In Class Hosting Platform


  • Large Volume Of Training May Be A Bit Overwhelming
  • Large Community, Might Be Distracting
  • Business Model Favors Self-Pacing
  • Encouraged To Build As A Business, Not A Hustle

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Personally i have been with WA since October 2016 and have been using it ever since.

    Aside from hosting my websites and blog on here, I also promote WA as an affiliate and have done.

    I have the perfect Wealthy Affiliate funnel if you’re interested in promoting it too.

    Good luck and i know you’ll crush it!

    1. Hi Lorenz,

      Thanks for sharing your awesome experience with  Wealthy Affiliate (WA). really appreciated. Continued success!

  2. One of the best reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.  Such a thorough and well written post.  I love your passion for WA and how it felt like you were talking to a friend.

    I am just like you and joined WA about a year ago and honestly it really is a life changing event.  It is not without hard work and dedication. The platform truly offers the support and training that can will help us create our own online business. I really love the live webinars that happen 1x per week.  That training is fantastic.

    Thank you for such a great post and best of luck to you.

    1. Hey Coralie,

      Still continue to be amazed by how many of us have found a great solution to create our online businesses. It is a testimony of the quality and expertise we enjoy here at WA. Thanks for sharing and continued success to you!

  3. Hello Nicole.

    I was trying to think of something to ask you but you covered it all! Your grammar and spelling are wonderful; your pros and cons right on and the overall article well written and referenced. Now I want to join Wealthy Affiliate! I think you did the main important thing to make newcomers want to join. Good luck and I hope youi do verry well.

    1. Hi Coolycue,

      Thanks for your kind comments, really appreciated.  Just really sharing my experience to day. Best wishes to you as well.

  4. Hello Dear,

    Thanks for sharing this insightful and awesome piece on what is Wealthy Affiiliate about or for, this article will indeed help answer so many people’s question about Wealthy affiliate. I have been a member of Wealthy affiliate for a while and I must confess it’s been an awesome experience, I have really learnt a lot. I would like to say that wealthy affiliate is a program for everyone, it’s never limited to just one particular set of persons.

    1. Hi Sheddy,

      Thanks ever so much for sharing your experience with Wealthy Affiliate. You are so right about the machinery in Wealthy Affiliate embracing everyone no matter the dream or passion and helping that person realize success in their own unique way. Cheers and continued success to you.

  5. Very interesting and intriguing article on wealthy affiliate….As a premium member at wealthy affiliate I can testify to you that at wealthy affiliate you pretty much find everything about affiliate marketing easy and well going…even as a novice to affiliate marketing at wealthy affiliate you will be tutored on how to create your own niche website, design it and help your promote your product…so of you want things easy for you then come join us at wealthy affiliate…

    1. Hi Evans,

      Thanks for your great feedback, yes indeed – Wealthy Affiliate’s expertise and tenure in Affiliate Marketing makes supporting its very diverse membership complete and easy. We just have to do the work, right?:-)

  6. Wealthy affiliate is a great platform to be!

    I testify to that fact. I have been a member for some months now and I have not seen anything to complain about. Even one with no knowledge of the internet can use this platform. It just like doing what you love and earning from it.!

     Your review on wealthy affiliate is one of the best I have seen. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      Agreed – Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform, glad you dropped by to share your experience. Thanks for your kind words and continued success to you!

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