What thoughts immediately occur for you when you hear the question, ‘What is A Millionaire Mindset?’ Do you think of YOURSELF and Others or just Others? The truth is only YOU can turn on YOUR MILLIONAIRE MINDSET. Let me share somethings with you that you probably have never heard before.

Your Greatness Is In YouWhat is a Millionaire Mindset - Your Greatness Is Within You Image

Every single human being has the ability to curate a Millionaire Mindset – no BS. We do!. If you’re like me, when you initially realized this you might have said ‘I’d like mine supersized now please.’:-)

Seriously though, having a Millionaire Mindset has very little to do with money in the first instance. Let me say that again – having a Millionaire Mindset has very little to do with money in the first instance.  It involves 3 stages that are part of a whole process that should be on repeat every day.

Whenever one or more areas are neglected, it causes schism in our mindset (we experience far more roller coaster living (including thoughts and emotions – It happened to me)).

What is a Millionaire Mindset - Millionaire Mindset Revealed Image

As seen in the above image, the 3 stages are part of a whole process that is iterative in nature. Here are the stages in outline:

  1. Discover – finding your greatness
  2. Create – bringing to light that which was hidden
  3. Gratitude – key language for abundant living

In the process of enjoying the 3 stages above, money shows up! 

When I say the process should be repeated everyday, I am referring to a consciousness on our part that acknowledges the existence of the full process, at least until it becomes 2nd nature to us (dependent on the individual).  As we review each of the stages in more detail, I believe you’ll see as I do that this 3-stage process is meant to be continuous throughout our life’s journey. A Millionaire Mindset is one feature of that journey.

If you say to me, ‘been there, done that!’:

  1. You already know that this process is lifelong and are intimate with the stages.
  2. You understand and are continually experiencing a full abundant life

Cool, this is not for you. Thanks for dropping by though.

We would  be delighted if you could leave a comment below to let us know where your soaring has led you to in this current moment.

‘There have to be reasons you get up in the morning and you want to live’ (Elon Musk).  ‘If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning’ (Larry Page).


Millionaire Mindset Revealed: Stage 1 – Discover

This is the stage that sometimes gives us the most challenge (it did for me).  because it is where we must build the skill of awareness to discover our greatness within.  We didn’t put greatness there,  we came into the world with our own genuine imprint as it were. I’ve found that it rarely unfolds from a space we know. Instead, it tends to  unfold in what we do not yet know – the UNKNOWN. That’s why we have to discover it:-)

It is raw energy found within each of us. In that deeper place, our passions seem to emerge more readily. The noise and chatter that can usually beset our mind has little effect in that deeper place.  For me, it was the first time I knew that my past could not change the quality of greatness inside me. It’s awesome to know that stupid things we did or are planning to do will not change the quality of our greatness inside of us, right?!

Listening and analyzing the endless chatter in the mind might want to convince us otherwise:-)  ‘Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else’ (Sara Blakely).  Discovery brings clarity to help us move beyond the fear that seems to hang out on every corner as we navigate within.   I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it’ (Nelson Mandela). As we explore our greatness, a new wave of abundance begins rushing over and in us – joy, easiness, health, compassion and peace to name a few. The most awesome recognition for me was that all of us are ONE (we are cut from the same cloth), actually still blows my mind to be honest. Maybe I needed that because so much more of the judgement of others started falling away. It’s great to be aware of drama around me without playing an active role in it. I’m not special in that regard, it can be just the same for YOU! ‘I don’t want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant’ (Kobe Bryant).

I’m all for more inspiration during the stages, inserted below are links to a short and varying list to hopefully add the inspiration you need to keep going and growing:

The Mamba Mentality: How I Play ( by Kobe Bryant)

How to Practice Self-Inquiry (by Ramana Maharshi)

Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones (by James Clear)

How do you become aware that you are ready to create?

  1. What’s important to you changes
  2. You practice letting go with greater and greater ease
  3. You live in the moment – not keen to listen to whispers of the past or threats for the future (from your own mind or the voice of others)
  4. You get who you are – there is greatness inside of you and you are part of something far bigger!

Millionaire Mindset Revealed: Stage 2 – Create

We begin to bring those hidden passions to the light of transparency – we begin to live it more consciously.  It can take on many forms, inevitably it serves us and others. That’s largely fuelled by the clarity we have that our passions are naturally designed to do good for ourselves and others. ‘Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago’ (Warren Buffet). We share our value and over time, people will pay for that value. The more value we create, the more value we create! A momentum begins to build and that’s great if we are to move our selves and our passions to the next level. Introducing what is called the Law of Lift!

The Law of Lift

The Law of Lift can best be explained with an example I think everyone might already be familiar with – Airplanes. What is a Millionaire Mindset - The Law of Lift Image

Just remember that this is an analogy to highlight  the value of lifting ourselves and our gifts into where the Millionaire Mindset sits – airbound.

Okay, great, let’s resume – Airplanes carry tons of stuff and people, although it’s largely made from aluminium, the sheer size of the craft plus its furniture and overhead bins etc., racks up the weight, right?   Here’s a simple explanation that will help you understand the Law of Lift.  When a plane is on the ground it is subject to the Law of Gravity – i.e., when it is not in motion of a certain speed it will stay on the ground. It is a wonderful law for staying and moving around on planet earth. If we didn’t have the Law of Gravity, we’d be walking like they do in space:-).  So what do we do if we want to transcend the Law of Gravity?

For a plane to become airbound:

  1. The engine is turned on
  2. Plane begins to roll on the tarmac
  3. Once air control gives the pilot the ‘okay’, the pilot pushes on a lever that  begins to build the plane’s speed (momentum) in order to lift the weight of the plane and its contents off the ground.
  4. When the plane is lifted off the  ground, it continues to increase its speed and height to level off at a zone that allows for easier movement through the air.

In layman’s terms, the plane had to transcend the Law of Gravity to embrace the  Law of Lift. In like manner, you and I can only be engaged in the Law of Lift (Our Own Millionaire Mindset) when there is sustained momentum of our expressed passions. We have to work for it, not wish for it:-)!  We can only soar if we work to bring momentum to our passions as they are being created on a platform for open expression. If we slow down or stop too soon, we will find ourselves grounded, believing that there is a special blend of fuel being used on other ‘planes’ to lift off. Absolutely not, it’s a LAW!-:)

Another derailleur could be our insistence on money before momentum – contrary to the LAW:-) Don’t let the money derail you, I personally know the desire for money will first derail you then render you grounded for a frustrating amount of time. I thought my ‘needs’ at the time would supersede the law:-) I had spent some time to discover and began instead to refine my sight and mind with Gratitude for where I was and what I had.

Here’s what we know about Laws:What is a Millionaire Mindset - What we know about Laws Image

1.  They are applicable to everyone, no one is exempt.

2.  Law is based on ‘if, then rules’ – if you do this, then this will occur.

3.  You do not need any other power than that which resides in you to begin to follow the law to see it work in your favour.

4.  Laws require discipline – you can’t jump the line, step 1, then step 2…etc. You need to follow the steps and trust the process.

You know you’re creating when…

  1. You begin to love life more
  2. Excited to get up
  3. Enjoy quiet and creative time
  4. Boredom no longer exists for you
  5. Find yourself discovering more about yourself and your passions
  6. You enjoy hearing of other’s success
  7. You don’t let fear cripple you anymore
  8. You are aware that everything changes and not surprised by change
  9. You know that there might be some failures but it is not the reason why you do what you do so it no longer influences your continuity
  10. You become more open to the ‘unexpected’ without hasty analysis or judgement based on past experiences
  11. …this list goes on for miles.

Disclaimer: Work will lose its humdrum and become joyful. People will remark that you’re always smiling and you look peaceful. You feel content where you are in any given moment because in a small but significant way you are partnering with the architect of the universe to make where you stand better. Please proceed with caution!

Millionaire Mindset Revealed: Stage 3 – GratitudeWhat is a Millionaire Mindset - Gratitude Image

Why gratitude? 

  1. When you realize that we each have gifts that can positively contribute to  our self and others, it is sobering.
  2. The act of being grateful increases our ability to discover and create more.
  3. Being grateful is an acknowledgement that we know  the GIFT of  greatness inside of us makes us a part of something universally greater.

What is Gratitude?

It’s an expression of thankfulness for all circumstances. There are situations and changes, we  may never quite understand.  As we engage more in the stages of Discovery and Creation, it’s okay not to understand everything. In fact, those situations and changes can only negate our ability to accept the changefulness that surrounds us, if we choose to make it so.

Internal reflection deepens when we practice gratitude. Our choice to resist a situation is short lived when we reflect on the gifts wrapped up in our life. With that recognition, we quickly rise up and give thanks again. From personal experience, I can tell you that this   leads us to a new wave of discovery, creation, and yes gratitude. The more we trust the process, the more we know that living from this space is a privilege. We are experiencing an abundant life and A Millionaire Mindset is a key feature of that.  ‘Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one come to you, without leaving happier’ (Mother Teresa). 

‘Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough’ (Oprah Winfrey)

Thank you for dropping by.   If you have any question with  any of the information provided here, please leave a comment or PM me (nicole@success-for-real.com).



  1. Mindset is something that we must continually work on each day if we can, as it is so easy for negativity to creep into our lives and block us off from all that we deserve.

    I always try to find things to be grateful for each day, and there are many, as there are always people who are worse off than yourself. Thinking of what you have rather than what you don’t have definitely works for me. Do you have any apps that you use that you could recommend?

    1. I agree as well it is not a one-and-done activity, it’s a practice that becomes an innate part of us for our daily existence.  I like your strong practice of gratitude – makes a difference. Great idea about an update or another post featuring apps that could be handy for other given their preference.  Appreciated the comments Michel, thanks much.

  2. Hi Nicole!

    I like your post it is very well thought. And I agree that discovering is the critical stage. You need to take time to learn and do your research to find the perfect idea.

    It is from that idea that you will develop your business and create a funnel that will bring your incomes. And you need to be ready to repeat that again and again until you become a millionaire, because you may not become one from your first idea.


    1. Thanks for your comment on the article. I agree, developing a business is not done with your first idea.  Its creativity on repeat.

  3. Hello, thanks for sharing this amazing article on what is a millionaire mindset. I have always think that a millionaire mindset is all about making money but reading your article has inspired me and makes me believe that there is more to a millionaire mindset than just making money. Once again thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your feedback on the article.  Once upon a time, I also believed it was only about money. Thanks again for your feedback.

  4. Hi Nicole,

    Initially, I thought this was going to be another one of those, what I call “rah rah siss boom bah” articles I usually roll my eyes at then skip. But I’m glad I continued reading because what you shared really connects with me. I think I’ve always had steps 1 and 3 but never focused on step 2.

    I’m bookmarking this article to my favorites.

  5. Thank you so much for this great article!

    I love the airplane analogy – it clearly exemplifies the notion that anyone – with the right mindset – can become financially wealthy. The Laws that follow that analogy just tied the whole glorious package together for me. Very encouraging and uplifting! I’ll be thinking of your points as I move forward. Thanks again!

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