7 Bible Verses On Stress Elimination



7 Bible Verses On Stress Elimination: Calm Scene Image

Did you know that stress can affect your immunity? Based on a report by the American Psychological Association, after their review of nearly 300 studies that dates from as early as 1960.  I have 7 Bible Verses On Stress Elimination, broken down in everyday language to instantly reduce the desire to feel and or practice stressing.

4 Findings on the Effects of Stress on our Immunity (America Psychological Association)

  1. “Stress alters immunity.”
  2. Short-term stress actually “revs up” the immune system, an adaptive response preparing for injury or infection.”
  3. “…long-term or chronic stress causes too much wear and tear, and the system breaks down.”
  4. The immune systems of people who are older or already sick are more prone to stress-related change.”

What’s In Store

We’ll look at a short video on ‘The Science of Stress’ which was developed by the University of Arizona and National Geographic. An introduction of the 7 Bible Verses on Stress Elimination that instantly helps me to release any desire to worry.

I’ve kept in mind that many people may not be keen on ‘bible-ese’.  No worries:-)! I’ve translated each verse to read like casual conversation between friends. I’ll:

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