Start An Online Business That Pays Well

Start an Online Business

Would you like to start an online business that pays well? If your answer is yes, you’ve landed in the right place.

Disclaimer: This is not a gimmick, you don’t have to get people to join you, you can work from home or anywhere that you like, you don’t have to invite your family and friends and you decide the pace and level of success you want. You’ll have fun, feel empowered, and will break out in smiles for no real reason. These are only a few of the feel good symptoms, please exercise caution!

If you’re here to start an online business that pays well, I’ll assume that at a minimum you have an interest in securing online realty for a storefront you have in mind. It’s okay if you’re not sure what kind of business you would like to start with. Allow me to share my experience to help you find the right businesses that are a FIT for you. Once it is a fit for you – you will earn money from it!

Let’s get started.

Top 3 Attributes of Online Businesses That Are Best For YOU!

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Have you ever sang a song you loved or strongly liked one of the high notes you hit was ‘off-key’? I’ve done it many times:-) If you’re like me you are instantly aware that you went off!

Back to starting an online business that pays well – being aware of when something in an online business is ‘off’ is a great skill to have. I learned the hard way to pay attention to online businesses that were not a right FIT for me – they were ‘off’, including the scams:-)

Good news for YOU though. If you have practiced the skill when singing a song you love or strongly like, I can show you how to transfer that skill when choosing an idea to start an online business that pays well – those that Fit YOU!


Let me show you the link between a song that you love or strongly like and starting an online business that pays well.

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A Song You Love…or Strongly Like

3 things emerge when I love or strongly like a song: I learn the words even if I have to play it over and over and over; I also become keenly aware of the instruments and their singular and collective rhythms and last but not least; the below surface connection that stirs, soothes and lifts me whenever I hear the song. Sounds familiar to you?

Start An Online Business That Pays Well

Back to Starting An Online Business That Pays Well

The more I learn, the more I see that there are a ton of ways to make money online, BUT to start an online business that pays well will ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS require the 3 attributes indicated below. I failed in enough businesses to confidently share this with you. I don’t want you to flounder around the way I did.

To Start An Online Business That Pays Well – For YOU, will require these 3 attributes:


  1. Engages your passions and high interests – you have to love or strongly like what you’re doing. It is highly unlikely that you will become successful if what you need to repeatedly do is not a passion or a strong like on your part. Look for what will stir your motivation to learn about the business and is a FIT for you. Change is constant and on days when change is turning richly in your life it is love or a strong like that with make the difference.
  2. You know when it’s ‘off’ – when you take the time to learn about the online business idea you are about to start or will restart, many other online business ideas will begin to float its way to you. Having learned or while learning your online business it will strengthen your instinct to know if the timing or the actual business idea is ‘off’ for you.
  3. No task is too small or large to delight your Customer – I’m sure you’ve heard this already – when you love what you do, you are always looking for ways to improve yourself and whatever you offer to customers. It’s a natural outflow when you find your FIT.


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I can tell you that when you want to start, restart or expand your online business the biggest contributor that you will need to dominate is YOU. I’m not alone in this, many people will share with you that if you focus on what you do not have enough of you will get more of it! For me, that was money. Landing those 3 attributes is great but it is the beginning of a wonderful journey whose start is strong!

If you start strong, you will finish strong but please remember the journey from start to finish is critical and must be experienced in person:-). YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK! I have and continue to do the work because I love what I do, it fits and serving and growing with my customers is a privilege and joy.

My biggest lesson is that I didn’t have to run after success, it’s in me. And I am not special in that regard, the same is true for you my friend – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN AFTER SUCCESS, IT’S IN YOU. It begins to unfold in a myriad of ways as you do the work. I have experienced enough BS, you can count on me not to shovel any you way.


If you are ready to unleash your passion to over 4 billion internet users, if you don’t mind doing the work upfront to build a solid foundation that will create passive income over time (dependent on YOU) for you while you sleep and 24/7. Start With a Free Website now and have fun learning how to turn your many passions and strong interests into online businesses. You will have access to build 2 FREE websites, if you’re new, I would suggest working on one online business first then scale accordingly.

If you already have a website and you want to revive it, but don’t know where to start, here are 10 Free Lessons to support you in achieving your goals. Once you click here, you will be required to sign in (use any alias you like, no credit card required).

Is This Really Doable?

Initially, I too couldn’t clearly  see how any of this would work until I started some free training. The more I learned the more I could see how doable this all was.  I could also see that it was not going to happen in one fell swoop. I know you will agree with me that starting any business is a serious venture. Starting and online business that pays well is even more serious, to me anyways.

Online realty is prime! Where else would you have access to so large a potential customer base – there are just over 4 billion users of the internet, searching every second for something. Set up your online shop so that you will not miss this opportunity.

A website is a must for starting an online business that pays well. If you’re ready, why not start today? You’ll receive free training and my support to help you succeed. If you like what you experience, you don’t have to stop there you can build as many online businesses as you like. Strong foundations require you build with understanding and that comes with the training. A quality website (online storefront) will rank favorably, favorably ranked websites attract more and more visitors which is a good recipe for rolling in all kinds of rewards including $$$$$$$!

Open your online storefront today and start an online business that pays well.

If you have questions of any kind to help you get started to build or expand your online storefront/website, please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you shortly.



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  1. Thank you for such an interesting article that relate to set up an online business that pays well. Online business is one of the best ways to make money today.Just like starting a business, it doesn’t have to start with a stage so that you can earn well.The words mentioned in your article are so informative that it will benefit everyone to set up a business online.

    I am currently doing online business with various products.From the beginning of my online business I was connected to my fashion and I had the highest interest that you mentioned in your article.Which is why I have succeeded in establishing an online business today.

    Finally, thank you so much for presenting a wonderful article that is helpful to everyone.Your article will benefit those who want to establish a new online business that why I would like to share it on my social account if you allow.

    1. Hi Asraful,

      Thanks for you kind support. Congratulations on your continuing success with your online business, glad to hear that you are succeeding with an area you have the highest interest in! It works and we are experiencing it.

      You have permission to share my post on your site, please email  the link to your social media account to

      Continued success to you and thanks for dropping by.

  2. One thing I really appreciate about this post is that it is completely honest. So many sites will promise huge amounts of money while you sit on the couch and do nothing. However, you straight up say it doesn’t come without putting in the work! I can identify with that as I am in the midst of trying to start my own online business. It is a lot of work, but along the way, it can be extremely rewarding (even if those rewards aren’t cash to begin with!) Thanks for the encouraging post!

    1. Hey Steve,

      I appreciate your feedback and it is important to me to be honest. I’m glad to hear you are putting in the work – that’s awesome.  

      If you need help with understanding how to build a solid foundation for your online business prior to expanding it, Wealthy Affiliate has a great program.  

      You can create a free account here to access the free training, absolutely no pressure. 

      Best wishes for immense success and if there is anything further I can do to support your online business, please feel free to drop me a line at

  3. Anyone who is reading this should take a serious look at the opportunity, there is little if any risk in signing up for the completely FREE trial

    As a  member of WA myself, you could of course expect me to take this position. But I can absolutely  assure you that there is no personal gain at all involved in me promoting this post. I juts want people to have the same opportunity that I have enjoyed

    I strongly advise that you suspend any further delay click through now and take a test drive for absolutely FREE, I promise and guarantee that you will not be disappointed. There is no risk in FREE LoL


  4. Your suggestion and ideas for starting an online business that pays well. Now I am planning to start it with your awesome guide. Soon I am going to create my free website while taking my training. Now after reading your guide and suggestion I am feeling that starting an online business is very easy process. Hope everyone will start their one business online.

    1. Naksh,

      Starting is easy, there is some work to be done to build a strong foundation for your online business though and it sounds like you are up to the task.  It’s a great opportunity and it is FREE!  

      If there is anything else I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Take good care.

  5. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your simple and easy guide to start an online business that pays well. I love story writing and I hope it will be good to start my own story website for children. I hope everyone will enjoy my funny stories. You are doing an awesome work by sharing such useful info for beginners like me. Now I think it will become easy to setup our on business. 

    1. Hi Parveen,

      I’m sure many people will enjoy your funny stories and I’m glad the post inspired you to get started with your own online business. I know I keep repeating myself, but it really is a great opportunity and it is FREE!

      If I can support you in creating your website for children in any way, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at

      Take care.

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