How to Build A Website For Free & Earn Big Over Time


If you build they might not come!

Generally speaking, how to build a website for free has become easier over the last 10 years.

How to build a website for free that will earn you solid income over time? That’s a whole other story my friend.

All is not lost though.

Allow me to share with you how you can receive all that’s good to get a FREE Website and grow a successful online business – no BS!

The Foundation

From Brick and Mortar to Online Realty

Ever heard of a company that built a great store but nobody could find it? Yes, it’s happened before! Would you build a great website that could not be found? Yet, your free website could become a dud.

For the brick and mortar store that could not be found, the savvy owner would invest in a marketing campaign to raise the company’s profile and engage the widest local audience possible.

The Result – a significant increase in the local audience’s awareness of what that company was offering and where they were located.

Why A Marketing Campaign – it’s a great time tested approach to build awareness. Building awareness increases the opportunity for potential customers to visit the location and make a purchase.

With all the choices customers now have, business owners know that the more people know about what problem their company can solve, the more opportunities they will have to CONNECT with the customers that face those kinds of problems.

Business Basics

Opening a business requires some key considerations, for example – where to go and what to do to strengthen the company’s launch, being able to understand the business you’re in, acquiring a good location and looking for ways to increase traffic (just a few).

An online business is no different really.



Who Needs It? 

How to Build A Free Website & Earn Big Over Time - Website Image

Everyone who is in or wants to be in business! A website (online storefront) is that important. Let’s remember that a website is an online storefront with the potential for amazingly high traffic on a daily basis. High traffic = potential high connections = potential high sales (over time).

How YOU build and maintain YOUR WEBSITE (online storefront) will dictate your:

  1. Access to just over 4 billion people that use the internet (2019 figures)
  2. Online Success over time
  3. Online Brand quality (this can be instant…ouch!)





Let’s Look At The Money: 4-Step Process of How To Make Money Online

How To Build A Free Website For Free & Earn Big Over Time- Money Image

Would you like to tap into just over 4 billion potential customers? LOL, we all would!

Let’s take it a step at time, okay. The process map below is focused on making money online when other people shop.

WA-How To Make Money Online Pic

It’s called Affiliate Marketing. Here’s how it works (simplified):

Step 1 – A customer does a search or visits through social media.

Step 2 – You create good niche content that’s easily found by search engines.

Step 3 – The customer buys a product through one or more links on your website.

Step 4 – You make money through commissions for every sale made.

The concept is easy enough, right?! Affiliate Marketing is a system that allows those with products and services to use as many websites (online storefronts) as possible.

The major aim is to connect with customers that they would otherwise have been unable to reach. In essence, those companies pay you a commission for the use of your website (online storefront).

The YOU Factor

What’s missing you might ask? YOU – fully empowered through training, mentoring and the branding of your own Free website (online storefront).

Are you ready to work from anywhere while sharing your passions and interests with a global customer base?

Earlier on, under ‘ The Foundation’ there was mention of the tragedy of having a website (online storefront) that is hidden as it were from potential customers.

We’ll look at 2 areas that are key to being found by the ‘big guns’. For now, let’s look at what you save with a Free Website next, and then we’ll look at what gets you found after.

What You Save With A Free Website

A simple website that will earn you money over time will typically have a few pages and posts (home, about, blog, etc.), 2 forms – one for customer sign up and another for contacting you.

If we use the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) principle, your revenue generating website will require the following:

  1. A Domain Name – can run from $3 – $30 per year (supply and demand works here, if it is a highly demanded name it is likely to cost upward of $2000 per year)
  2. Hosting – can run from $40 – $210 per year (1st element for your website to be found. Your website has to sit somewhere (on a server) that can be easily found by any of the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – can run from $3600 – $6500 per year (is a major requirement to be found and ranked highly by any search engine
  4. Content Writer/Copywriting – can run from $30 – $1000 per article (guessing you’ve heard somewhere that content is king? It’s true!).

On average, you saved a little over $3600 (the low end of the spectrum). Congratulations!



The Big Guns

The earlier mention of ‘big guns’ was in relation to the major search engines on the internet, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing.



Search engines exist to help customers find solutions.

Simply put, the search engines uses complex algorithms and bots to scan every website on the internet to decide how to provide billions of customers with relevant options for their search request with lightning speed.

The faster the search engines can return quality results, the more trust their customers will place in the search engine’s ability.

I’ve actually heard people jokingly remark that after God, it’s Google!

Websites that are designed to make the search easy for the search engine tends to rank higher.

Websites that regularly rank high with search engines earn more trust than other websites.

Higher ranking websites get seen more by customers. Cha-ching!!!

Websites that are seen more have more opportunity to make revenue as they begin to build stronger domain authority with the major search engines.

It’s a win-win.

You’re website is easy if your website is equipped with integrated tools that manage your performance, speed, security and content management to name a few.

For example, some sites may add functionality to run a fancy video in the front end.

In doing so, they may also be required to add complimentary code to ensure that the functionality of the bells and whistles in the online storefront with the fancy welcoming video doesn’t reduce the website’s speed or overall performance.

Customers don’t handle slow functioning websites well and the search engines take note!

If your website is slow to load, the search engine will shoot you into a bin that’s far, far, away my friend.

You can say goodbye to ranking high for that post. If most of your website’s post/pages are tossed in the far, far away bin, your opportunity to be seen by customers will not be an easy feat unless you redesign your approach for online success.

You’re website is also easy if your content on your post/page is well written.

Search engines tend to look for attributes like headers, flow, good use of keyword(s), relevance, small paragraphs with good spacing, proper grammar which includes accurate spelling and punctuation, informative and most importantly original.

Search engines frown on duplication, it a time waster in a space where speed is critical.

Some websites may even be black listed especially if the website has content that is full of text that has been copied from other websites in an attempt to secure a high ranking.

Have you ever heard of the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? We just briefly covered two areas that greatly aid in optimizing your website for search engines to retrieve your posts/pages in response to a customer’s search request.

Ready to learn more about search engine optimization and how you can understand and apply it?


Online Success Awaits

If you are ready to become a savvy and successful online entrepreneur today, have a look at the type of quality FREE Training you will receive along with your FREE Website to support you in building an online business successfully:

Online Entrepreneur Certification



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there work involved? Yes, it’s not magic. Like any other business, you will get out of it what you put in.

2. Do I have to give my credit card details to sign up for the FREE Website and Training? NO, none needed!

3. Will I make money? IF you follow the training, yes you will. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a stable business that requires a strong foundation. The training and mentoring helps you to build that strong foundation.

4. How soon can I start? Now!



I am honored to have shared my experience with you. If you have questions or need help with anything to build or redesign your online storefront(s), I’d love to hear from you.

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